The Harriett Tubman Tour is a highly interactive, arts-based set of programs, each sharing a unique aspect of Mrs. Tubman’s life. The tour format offers a plethora of opportunities for the audience to transform from observer to participant. Dr. Jennings transforms into this remarkable hero of a woman and delivers the poignant story of trial and triumph in a way that not only educates the audience, but inspires them to action. No matter how big or small the impact, no one leaves Harriet Tubman's presence the same.


Giving Back

After attaining her own freedom, Harriet Tubman “gave back” by helping others to escape from slavery. In keeping with the spirit of giving back, a portion of all proceeds will be given to the Atlanta Alumni Chapter of Virginia Union University (alma mater of Dr. Jennings) for student scholarships.


Current Harriet Tubman Tour Schedule

M. Fracine Jennings as Harriet Tubman with kids
M. Fracine Jennings as Harriet Tubman
M. Fracine Jennings as Harriet Tubman